Some questions and a request!

Requests for Java Applets go here. Please include the channel you want the users to go to. ALL Responses will be given via Private Messages.
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Some questions and a request!

Post by Komichi »

I'll cut to the chase. :) I'd like to request the code for the chat, so I can put it on my own personal website. If it makes any difference the channel I'd like it to link to is #pupe.

Aside from that, I was wondering if there are any rules as to where the chats are allowed to be hosted? Right now I don't have my own domain, does that make any difference? Would somewhere like Freewebs or Geocities be acceptable?

Basically, I'd just like to know the boundaries before I start paying for or borrowing webspace from a friend. :)

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Re: Some questions and a request!

Post by Legend »

Hi Komichi,

I'm sending you an email with the applet files attached for #pupe (you can expect it within the hour).

The applet can be hosted by any provider that allows java applets to load from the server. I've set up java applets on Freewebs accounts before, so I know you would have success with them. I'm not sure about Geocities. Most paid providers, however, do allow java applets.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
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