MemoServ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions/issues about Memoserv should be addressed here.
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MemoServ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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For general questions concerning MemoServ, see below.

How do I send a memo to another user?
Answer:  /memoserv send
Example: If you want to send a memo to Scott, you would type /memoserv send Scott Hey Scott, what’s up?

Whoops! Is it possible to cancel a memo that I just sent?
Answer: Yes. From time to time we all send memos that we regret, or for whatever reason do not want delivered to the recipient. To cancel a memo that you sent, type /memoserv cancel . This command works only if the recipient has not read the memo.
Example: If you accidentally sent a memo to Scott that you don't want him to read, simply type /memoserv cancel Scott.
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